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Custom Orthotics in Mellons Bay

Are you dealing with pain from a chronic condition that never seems to improve? Do you get temporary relief that only lasts until the next appointment? Have you seen an Osteopath, Physiotherapist, Massage Therapist or even a Chiropractor before and have not been able to get relief? It may be time to look deeper for answers.

Looking to Feet First

For many people, chronic pain in different parts of the body starts at their feet. Faulty biomechanics in the feet can contribute to ankle, knee, hip, low back, mid and upper back, neck pain and headaches.

If you have tried everything else and are still in pain, personalised custom shoe inserts may be the solution.

At Rhapsody’s Chiropractic, Dr Estelle Oertel (Chiropractor) looks at your whole body’s biomechanics, from the feet up to the skull. We take into account your foot movement every time you take a step and how this affects pelvic and spine rotation, spinal curvature changes, head positioning, etc.

Our custom orthotics are designed unique to you as an individual, and unique to each one of your feet. We work with a specialised lab in Canada to ensure you receive the highest quality product, designed to meet your needs and provide you with the best results possible.

Signs and Indications

These are the most common signs and symptoms we see in practice that may indicate the need for custom orthotics:

Conditions That May Be Helped

What to Expect

We follow an easy 3-step process to get to the cause of your pain and determine if personalised custom orthotics is a right fit for you. If it is, we will order and fit your new inserts into your shoes.

Step 1
Initial Analysis and Gaitscan™
Our initial analysis takes 60 to 70 minutes and includes a detailed history, nervous system, orthopaedic, muscle strength and sensory testing, a detailed 3-level spinal and kinetic chain analysis, followed by a GaitScan assessment. The GaitScan system is a special tool to assess your feet in motion, looking at how they move through one gait cycle from heel strike to toe off to determine if there’s dysfunction. If dysfunction is present, the scan provides images, graphs, and data, allowing us to determine the severity of your condition and make our best recommendations.
Step 2
Report of Findings
At the end of your Initial Analysis, we will book a Report of Findings visit for you. During this consultation, Dr Estelle will discuss the results of your initial assessment and GaitScan. She will describe and demonstrate what makes our orthotic range different to any other shoe insert you may have tried in the past, and what different types are available for your lifestyle needs. Dr Estelle will also discuss pricing and make her best recommendations in terms of a care plan and the type of orthotic/s she would recommend for you. Using the data from the scan, our lab creates your custom-made foot forms, providing support for each of your feet according to their unique needs, helping you achieve better stability, balance, and possible pain reduction. Please allow 30 minutes for this visit.
Step 3
The Fitting
Once payment has been processed and your order has been placed with our lab in Canada, your new custom orthotics will arrive at our practice ready for fitting within 4 weeks. During the fitting visit, Dr Estelle will make sure both your feet and your orthotics fit perfectly into your shoes, make her best recommendations for adapting to your orthotics, spinal care while adapting to your orthotics, caring for the orthotics and incorporating them into everyday life.

Designed for You

Your new custom orthotics can offer benefits for your unique gait pattern, providing arch support, and improve pressure distribution across your feet with every step. Pain reduction, better posture, and fewer corns and calluses are some changes you may see.

Our custom-made shoe inserts fit every lifestyle. Whether you are an active young adult that participates in several types of sport, but also attend semi-formal functions as part of your part-time job over the weekend, we have an orthotic to fit your lifestyle and fit into many types of shoes.

Depending on your lifestyle, you may need an orthotic for your wet sports shoes (snowboarding and skiing), your turf sport (netball) and attending your debate team practice (dress shoe). We’ve got you covered!

Other types of these custom shoe inserts include those recommended for tradies, sports ones for golfers, soccer, netball or rugby players, or dancers, whatever your lifestyle might be. There are even some designed for people with gout and diabetic ulcers. The customisation is endless.

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